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Thank You Message From Japan

Ohisashiburi~ oTOMOdachi! I haven't been posting anything for a long time now. But it's like to share a Thank You video with you now. Today is the 1st anniversary of 3.11. The day the world will never forget. This is the thank you message from people in the Tohoku Region where the tsunami hit them 365 days ago.

You can either skip ahead to 5:20 for the people of Tohoku’s message, or watch from the beginning for the full story on what this disaster and your support means to them.

Also, today is the end of Marching J. Otsukare~!

Writer's Block: Trivia Day

Don’t cheat. Do you know how many countries there are in the world?

193 countries??

Miyazaki Goro in TIFF 2011

Konbachiwa oTOMOdachi! Minna genki?? I haven't been posting updates in AGES! Well, I'm still alive and kicking. It's just that there's nothing much for me to say so that's why I haven't been posting updates.

Miyazaki Goro in TIFF 2011

Ok, a few of you might know I go to TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) every year. For some reason TIFF has chosen Miyazaki Goro's From Up On Poppy Hill to be shown on their opening day of the event. Since this is only Goro's 2nd movie and his 1st being chosen by TIFF, he came over to join us in the screening. For those who doesn't know him, he's the son of, the one and only, Miyazaki Hayao, founder of Studio Ghibli.

Yes, I am a Ghibli fan as well as a JE fan.(^人^) Anyways, I went to see the screening of From Up On Poppy Hill「コクリコ坂から」and I have to say that I like it. I actually like it a lot! Goro-san has made this movie way way WAY better than Tales From Earthsea! Having said that, I not only enjoyed the movie, but also enjoyed even more in his Q&A session. He has explained a lot about his style and how it's different from his dad's style. Anyways, I have recorded "most" of his Q&A session. Missed recording the 1st question and didn't made it till the end cuz my SD card was full. Sorry about that, but being able to watch most of the Q&A is beter than not being able to watch at all, so I'm sharing the vids here.

Q&A Part 1
You can't hear anything at first because the interpreter was interpreting the 1st question to Goro-san, but I assure you there's sound on the vid and you'll be able to hear it. σ(^_^;)

Q&A Part 2

I have to say that Goro-san is a very funny guy. He is currently developing his own style as a director, which is very different from his dad's. He knows exactly what he wants to do and he understands that his dad wouldn't like it, but he's standing by his beliefs. Good Job Goro-san!

Enjoy! ♪(*^^)o∀*∀o(^^*)♪
Konbachiwa oTOMOdachi! I can't believe it! I'm sure we all know Johnny-san has cancelled their shows and lend out his trucks and power supply vehicles for disaster relief. But what we didn't know is that he's donating 2000L of gasline which was suppose to be for P-sama's concert use. On top of that, he has prepared 5 x 11 ton trucks and 2 x 300kW power supply vehicles, one in Tokyo and another one in Sapporo waiting for organization in need, such as hospitals, to ask for help.

Thank you Johnny-san! Thank you Johnnys & Associates.

You can read the complete article in here.

Now I simply hope that the Japanese can prevent the core meltdown.

Johnny-san! We Love Ya!!

Konbachiwa oTOMOdachi! Long time no update. I've been alive and kicking, though super busy at work and sad about what's going on in Japan. Anyways, I just wanna say this:

Johnny-san! We Love You For Lending Out Your Trucks And Your Power Supply Vehicles For Disaster Relief!!!

No more Zoom In!! SUPER

Konbachiwa oTOMOdachi! Minna Genki??

OMG!! Zoom In!! SUPER will end in this March!! OMG OMG OMG!!!
Check it out from here! w川・o・川w
Konbachiwa oTOMOdachi! I've been sooo~~~ busy lately! Busy at work, meeting up with friends, driving mom everywhere she wants to go, etc... I'm actually very very tired. Having said that, seeing zopp-san analyzing Kuchizuke de Adios, how can I resist not to translate and share it with you all right?! ☆-( ^-゚)v

zopp-san's Diary on August 5, 2010 - Kuchizuke de Adios Analyzation

Our beloved zopp-san has FINALLY talked about the topic we've all been waiting for. So here ya go!

Disclaimer: The translation might not be entirely accurate. Please let me know if you find any misinterpretation. Thank you!
ー(*- -)(*_ _)ヘ

Kuchizuke de Adios Analyzation
August 5 [Thurs], 2010 13:47

Thank you for waiting
I will start analyzing
"Kuchizuke de Adios"!!

When I received the song, there was a message that came with it. It says "a zopp-san-like song" *lightbulb*
When it comes to my style of song, it could only be THAT, right?! THAT
I've been thinking of writing the continuation of "Daite Senorita" all along

Seishun Amigo Daite Senorita and then

Kuchizuke de Adios

This is the Spanish Song Trilogy!!!!
Well, there are Spanish words in the lyrics just as expected in a Spanish song

Mi amor

By the way, it means
Adios -> Sayonara *lightbulb*
Mi amor -> Ore no ai, it means "My Love" in English *lightbulb*

So let's look at the content
The story happens a few years after "Daite Senorita"
A lot of things have happened in these few years. I will talk about this in another time and in a different way.

So the story starts when the protagonist is about leave Senorita's room
Senorita grabbed on to his sleeves
Why? Because she notice that he is going to a dangerous place
She wants to stop him
The protagonist is weakened by her act and has decided to spent a little time with her...
Perhaps they will never meet again...
Since the 2 of them realize that, they hold dearly and affectionately to make love on a single size bed
However, this has not changed the protagonist's mind

Then the protagonist is thinking about this (the chorus part)
If we are destined to be together, then we will meet again
Nobody knows if it's tomorrow, a year after, or in their next lifetime...
Still, just close your eyes if you feel lonely
Because I will be there...

What a cool guy!!!!!!
I want to try saying that too~~~~!!!

By the way, the "Shiawase" in the last line means their bright future / herself

And to the 2nd round

The protagonist's heart is shaken by her sleeping face
However, Aitsu calls him on his cellphone
The Aitsu is the same person as Aitsu appeared in Daite Senorita
That person is being sung by Kamenashi-kun in Seishun Amigo *lightbulb*

The protagonist's mind has become determined as he leaves the room

Her steps is closing on to him
Even though the protagonist knows who is after him, he did not turn back
He smoke his cigarette and whistle a lullaby
And then he look at the night sky
The stars are crying
It means shooting stars *lightbulb*
And the protagonist make a wish upon the shooting stars
If I can reborn, I want to meet her again
Doesn't matter if it's 100 years after or 1000 years after.
That's how he loves her...
A thousand year love

It's bitter!!!
Too bitter!!!!
And hopeless!!!
Too hopeless!!!!

It's one-cut scene from such indescribably painful separation story *sob*

This is the end of the Spanish song *wave* adiso

However, if you all desire...


Or a spinoff

There might be one~~~~!!!!

Today's Japanese Lesson

Vocabulary: あいつ(aitsu)
Intonation: A I TSU
Meaning: that guy; that fellow; he

Vocabulary: 決意(ketsui)
Intonation: KE tsu i
Meaning: make up one's mind; decide; determine

Vocabulary: 渋い(shibui)
Intonation: shi BU i
Meaning: mouth‐puckering; sour; bitter; astringent

That's it folks! I'm gonna hit the sack now! Adios Amigos~! (^o^)つ

zopp-san's Diary on July 27, 2010

Konbachiwa oTOMOdachi! I've been I heard P-sama is going to be in Recomen this week, and also he'll be in Nagoya as well as Osaka to promote One in a Million. We'd love to see you more but please don't over work yourself my prince! (^人^)

zopp-san's Diary on July 27, 2010

Here we go again! Our beloved zopp-san has spoken once again. Having said that, I though he's gonna talk about his song more, but he didn't. Anyways, I have translated it. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: The translation might not be entirely accurate. Please let me know if you find any misinterpretation. Thank you!
ー(*- -)(*_ _)ヘ

Spanish Song Trilogy
July 27 [Tue], 2010, 0:07

The song "Kuchizuke de Adios" whom I (zopp) wrote has been recorded in "One in a million / Yamashita Tomohisa". It will be released tomorrow *clap hands*

This song is the continuation of "Seishun Amigo" and "Daite Senorita"
I have been advertising this in various places

Personally, I love this style of lyrics
I am not exaggerating to say that this shows my true worth
I want to continue to write in this style and I think I will continue to do so.


This story

has come to an end (maybe)

Don't miss the ending of the Spanish Song Triology!!

oTOMOdachi0409: Oh no! This is it?! Please don't let this story end my dear zopp-san!!

Today's Japanese Lesson

Vocabulary: 真骨頂(shinkocchō)
Intonation: SHIN KO ccho~
Meaning: showing one's true worth

Vocabulary: 歌謡(kayō)
Intonation: ka YO~
Meaning: song, ballad

Vocabulary: 三部作(sanbusaku)
Intonation: SAN BU saku
Meaning: trilogy

Rina-chan's Job

Konbachiwa oTOMOdachi! I'm in shock (a good shock, nothing bad at all)! I'm speechless~! I could be the last person on the planet to know this, but I don't care. I want to blog about it! ( *^艸^)

Rina-chan's Job

It seems like not long ago she won a beauty contest yet she lost in another one. After that, she joined Avex Management hoping to become an announcer. She graduated from university only a few months ago. At that time, she quit Avex, gave up her dream to become an announcer, and got herself an OL job. Well guess what?! She didn't just got herself an OL job, she was

the secretary of Hatoyama-san (The Ex-Prime Minister of Japan's brother)!!

Apparently she has now become the election staff for Hatoyama Ex-Prime Minister's son. Moreover, none of her co-workers knew who her brother was until now!! Oops!

So no wonder she gave up her dream of becoming an announcer. No wonder she kept saying she's been very tired all the time. It must be tough working for the prime minister (when he was still the prime minister).

Rina-chan sugoi~! Otsukaresamadeshita. Ganbaretsugo! Oops! Wrong Johnnys group... Ganbatte kudasai.

Naomi-san, thank you for raising your beautiful children. I'm sure you're very proud of them. I know I am!!
☆-( ^-゚)v

Thanks to Ryoko masuda_takahits pointing out to me that Hatoyama Kunio is actually the younger brother of Hatoyama Yukio. Yukio is the ex-prime minister while Kunio was the minister of home affairs. Rina-chan used to work for Kunio instead.
Konbachiwa oTOMOdachi! I'm still alive and kicking. Haven't been updating my LJ for a while now cuz I've been extremely lazy. σ(^_^;)

Lately I've been watching FIFA World Cup and playing with cameras. Other than that, I'm excited about P-sama's new single. Perhaps there will also be a solo concert as well, but that's just my wishful thinking...

zopp-san's Diary on Jun 22, 2010 - One in a million's Coupling Song

Well, it seems like our dear zopp-san has work his wonders again. This is what he's done.

Disclaimer: The translation might not be entirely accurate. Please let me know if you find any misinterpretation. Thank you!
ー(*- -)(*_ _)ヘ


Kuchizukede Adios
June 22[Tue], 2010, 15:11

I have written the lyrics of the coupling song of Yamashita Tomohisa's 3rd single "One in a million"
It's called "Kuchizukede Adios". *clap hands*

I want to talk about this in details around the release date
Thus I just want to point this out

Please take a look at the title

Kuchizukede Adios
It's Spanish

Among the songs I have written lyrics for, these are the ones with Spanish titles

Seishun Amigo

Daite Senorita


Kuchizukede Adios

In other words, the content is also...
Thus don't miss the release date~!!!!


I remember zopp-san has pointed out that Daite Senorita is the sequel of Seishun Amigo. Perhaps Kuchizukede Adios is also connected to Seishun Amigo and Daite Senorita as well~! キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!

Maybe this is a good-bye kiss for Senorita??? ε=ε=┏( 〃^_^)┛

Today's Japanese Lesson

Vocabulary: 口づけ(kuchizuke)
Intonation: ku CHI ZU KE
Meaning: a kiss

Vocabulary: アディオス(adiosu)
Intonation: A di o su
Meaning: adios; good-bye